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Garmin Nvi 1300 Series 4.3-Inch Widescreen Portable GPS Navigator - Get Lost No More

Its light weight (5.7 ounces) and compact with an ultra thin design makes it carrying it convenient. When you visit a new place or a country you don't have to depend on anyone for any kind of directions with its optional CityXplorer maps. The eco Route tells you the shortest and the best route to a place which not only saves time and environment but money as well.

Garmin nvi 1300 series also have an innovative feature which helps you to know all about the public transport system like metro, tramways, suburban rail systems and guide bus usage for the 48 states of US through the City Navigator.

The Garmin nvi1300 series don't strain your eyes like the others since the display has bright, vibrant colors and the 4.3 touch screen is also readable in sunlight. User friendly menus, large icons and easy input features make this device one of the most user friendly devices in the market.

No matter where you go in the 48 states across US and no matter what mode of transport you may use, you will get an easy access to all the important places like gas stations, hotels, restaurants and the street maps for an enhanced travel experience. Premium mapping leaders of the industry NAVTEQ provides all the map related data so accuracy is paramount. You don't have to take your eyes off the road since your Garmin nuvi1300 makes navigation simple with features like announcement of street names and exits and text to speech and voice navigation. Safety camera alerts and school zone features take care of all your speed and transit needs.

A stranger in a country or city is quite hesitant to explore a new place generally however with the innovation "Where am I" function aids in informing you about the nearest address, interaction and even the nearest police station. The techies can see the longitude and longitude coordinates which can aid in locating your car and other important amenities.

While the other gadgets take time in connecting to the satellite, HotFix Satellite system in Garmin reduces the satellite acquisition time. It helps you to avoid traffic jams by helping you to find jam free routes and even gives you accident warnings.

There fore an easy, fully functional, innovative device with GPS facility which also has satellite technology is Garmin nvi 1300 Series 4.3-Inch Widescreen Portable GPS Navigator which makes life fun!

Jay Wooten has been a fan of GPS for a long time and it's no surprise that he has become an expert on it. He is currently involved in offering a broad range of auto GPS that are cost effective and very reliable. See Jay today and learn more about his new Garmin Nuvi 1300 Series.

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Garmin Nuvi 360 - Why You Should Get It

The Garmin nuvi 360 is probably the best purchase you can make in a GPS navigator. You will not find a GPS that is so easy to handle, or will give you more thorough voice directions. It gives you the directions in advance so that you have enough time to take the next turn and follow the directions in general. With the other GPS prices that you can find in the market this is the best solution for you.

One related opponent, as many claim, is the Tom Tom 910, but you will see that there isn't much of a relation after all. Garmin nuvi 360 has an outstanding display in daytime, however, the automatic panning might not be that perfect as in Tom Tom. However, the POIs are a lot easier to be found and it also can be controlled a lot more straightforward than the Tom Tom, which can be quite complicated.

Compare the GPS prices and they will make your decision a lot easier. What you might find disappointing with the Garmin nuvi 360 is that it will only give you two alternative routes to take: the shortest in distance and the one that will get you there faster in time. If you want to have a point-to-point navigation then you cannot go wrong with this unit. And the mapping route selections are also incomparable. Find out all the GPS prices for this unit.

Also, you have the capability of Bluetooth connection which will allow you to make hands-free calls. But if you think that this model is too much for you then just buy the Garmin nuvi 360 and save money in this way, though you should know that you have to choose the version with the low reflective screen and the 8 maps. But whichever unit you choose to buy, Garmin offers on the website many updates and improvements as they come with time. Make sure that you check them on the site. Also, do not forget to see the GPS prices for these units.

The Garmin nuvi will surely satisfy your needs and despite the minor defects you will not have any regret for buying it. Check the latest GPS prices for this unit.

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An Excellent Value - The Garmin Nuvi 250

If what you're looking for is a GPS system that will get you where you want to go using the shortest, most direct routes that won't cost you a fortune, the Garmin Nuvi 250 is one that you're going to want to take a look at. Although it isn't packed with fancy, high-end features, it offers accurate navigation, simple operation, and an unbeatable price. In addition, you get the Garmin name which is synonymous with high-quality in the field of GPS technology. This unit will give you everything you need in solid GPS performance and help you have enjoyable, hassle-free travel.

The whole point of owning a GPS is to have the assistance you need to find your way around in unfamiliar territory. This is what the original units were designed to do. Of course, since the inception of the technology, numerous companies have come out with their own units, and all of them are competing for top billing in the marketplace. While the original models came out containing on the technology you need for navigation, each subsequent model that is introduced seems to contain more and more features that sound nice but aren't really needed by most drivers.

The Garmin 250 takes you back to basics. It gives you a bright, clear touch screen, ease-of-use, detailed maps, an extensive database of points of interest, and voiced directions that help you keep your eyes on the road and your mind on your driving. Some of the fancier models come with huge instruction books that it would take a rocket scientist to figure out. That's one of the reasons customers love the Nuvi 250. It just isn't cluttered with superfluous extras that make it clumsy and complicated to use.

You aren't going to find this much solid GPS technology in any other model for the low price of the Garmin Nuvi 250. This is an incomparable value that packs a great deal of bang for very few bucks. If what you're looking for is good, solid service and reliable information, you don't need to look any farther than the Nuvi 250.

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